You Can’t Evict An Idea – Occupy London On Film

You Can’t Evict An Idea – Occupy London on Film Trailer


occupy-rod-02You Can’t Evict An Idea – Occupy London on Film, follows the ideology, the passion and the dilemmas of the Occupy London movement through the eyes of ten of its protaganists including the filmmaker.

Interspersed with intimate footage of the protest camp, the film follows the occupiers’ emotionally challenging journey, as they come face to face with the fault-lines in their social justice driven ideology, all the while under the unscrupulous eye of the City of London and main stream media. Occupy London’s practise of consensus marks its place in activist history. ‘You Can’t Evict An Idea’ deconstructs its use within Occupy London’s experience illustrating its strengths and weaknesses and leaving you to decide whether such a practice should ever be used again in large scale actvism.

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Inka Stafrace


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