You Can’t Evict An Idea – Occupy London On Film

You Can’t Evict An Idea reveals how the belief in leaderless groups and 100% consensus develops and matures in 12 occupiers including the filmmaker, via their experience of Occupy London, the most influential protest in Britain this century.


occupy-rod-02This intensely honest film pulls no punches in its deconstruction of the strengths and weaknesses of activism in the 21st century using the experience of Occupy London that fortuitously occupied the foregrounds of St. Paul’s Cathedral, for 138 days. Occupy London was part of the global Occupy movement that formed in 2011 in protest of the global financial system, perceived to be grossly unethical in its facilitation of big money.


The 12 occupiers interviewed. Far right director producer of You Can’t Evict An Idea, Inka Stafrace.


John McDonnell Shadow Chancellor Labour Party UK

John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor, Labour Party UK, says “You have to be realistic about individual campaigns like this. What happens is that, they’ll come together there will be a surge like a wave and the tide will go out. But the issue with regards to Occupy and all the campaigns like this, is that we have got to ensure that actually that wave reaches so far in when it goes out we have moved a bit”

Being realistic is all a matter of perspective 🙂

Rather than accepting that movements losing momentum is an inevitable consequence of their nature, You Can’t Evict An Idea explores in more detail than any film on activism to date, what the pitfalls of activism are using Occupy London’s internal experience. Although many aspects of Occupy London were unique in particular its size, longevity and who it was up against, the internal power dynamics within Occupy were not particularly unique in activism.

The Occupy movement is largely responsible for the far reaching public awareness of the 1%, an elite and powerful people whose obscene wealth, provides them the power to effectively control much of the world and actively hinder progressive change.

ME in my tent

Inka Stafrace


Director-Producerptp logo-yellow on black-words

Founder of Polly Tikkle Productions




You Can’t Evict An Idea is complete and is now seeking funds for distribution. The first step is to seek acceptance into some film festivals all which charge substantially for submission, for consideration. If you can afford any amount will be helpful.

First run of fund raising is for £1000. £570 of which has been raised as of Jan 7th 2018. Thank you and may be the force be with you!