207 Bits Of Heaven

PNGPIX-COM-Colorful-Balloons-PNG-image-1Its been one month since the release of the You Can’t Evict An Idea trailer and the news that the film is complete.
I am happy to say that


has been donated by 11 people since October 15th, the 6th anniversary. The donations are for film festival submissions . The 11 people are 4 close friends, 3 occupiers, 1 person who I just met and 3 lovely strangers. Very cosy. Kisses and cuddles to you all. It is heartening and encouraging that you all made the effort.

I am trying to raise £1000 which will take care of all the submissions so there still is some way to go. Please tell your friends, family, fellow activists (especially the ones with a steady income!) and maybe the odd celebrity or two you might have in the cupboard about this humble fundraising drive.

That is a lot of ‘f’s. Friends, family, fellow activists, famous people for funding. Moving on…

Everyone who donates more than £20 will get an exclusive link to the film after its release.

The official release date will be the day it screens at a film festival….. to be confirmed but sometime next year fingers firmly crossed.

The trailer has accumulated around 8000 views. Sharability is key to this kinda thing so here is one Facebook link and the You Tube video to share. Lets hope it works in the email you will all see this post through.

Have a great month!



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  1. rikki says:

    This looks great, and film submissions are so horribly expensive, so I hope you get loads of help for this.

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