Activism is a beautiful thing, with a great sound track!

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As a little present I hope you enjoy the music that helps provide You Can’t Evict An Idea with its emotional landscape. Its all in this You Tube playlist.

I am proud to say, because it did take some extra doing, that all the images, music and video have been acquired for this feature documentary without the exchange of any money, thanks to the generosity and support of all of the artists. Some of their work is in the creative commons, others claim ‘no copyright’ and others again specifically donated to support the project. These gestures of kindness and support warmed my heart and helped provide me with the energy I needed to complete the film. Thank you to all.


To distribute You Can’t Evict An Idea, into film festivals some funds are needed unfortunately. So far £457 has been raised over the last two months. £1000 is the goal.


Diru Kishore

This month Polly Tikkle Productions was approached by sound engineer, Diru Kishore, who was looking to bolster his portfolio with some feature film work. So we have agreed that he will engineer the sound levels on You Can’t Evict An Idea’s audio tracks. Thank you Diru!

On a separate note, BP or not BP asked me to live stream their visually spectacular action at the British Museum. The protest is against BP whose business model causes climate change. BP Or Not BP believe that BP does not deserve to be have its logo displayed as some kind of do-gooders in the British Museum. The museum receives about 1% of their funding from BP. I thought I would share this image with you.


Activism is a beautiful thing.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. See in 2018!

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  1. Sally G says:

    That is beautiful! Bravo! And glad to have found this page through Twitter. Veteran of Occupy Sandy N.J., tangential to NY Occupies, and maintaining Occupy Bergen County and helping with InterOccupy here in the States.

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