Killing Babies



Outtakes, in this context, are edited pieces of footage that lost their place in the film they were made for.
In this blog and possibly one or two more to come I will be presenting a few key pieces that I found, in my capacity as director producer, particular hard to get rid of. You Can’t Evict An Idea – Occupy London On Film, is currently being submitted into film festivals.


To distribute You Can’t Evict An Idea, into film festivals some funds are needed unfortunately. So far £570 has been raised over the last three months. £1000 is the goal.


Jesse Jackson, American civil rights activist visits Occupy.

Jesse Jackson, American civil rights activist visits Occupy.

Killing Babies

‘Killing babies’ is the industry phrase used for the inevitable culling process of lovingly edited pieces of work out of long form films.

A Creative Arc Or A Mountain?

When the film took its final form it became apparent that this baby, haphazardly called the FSA and Church Barrier bit, took 8 minutes from the film rather than gave to it’s theme and point of existence. In answering the question: Does it make the narrative arc more like a mountain to climb and-or a marathon to descend from? The answer was a sad ‘yes’. Nevertheless, it still is an informative stand alone piece which I think is worth sharing.


Financial Services Authority CEO, Hector Sants exits meeting with occupiers and is met by the press (2011)

Financial Services Authority CEO, Hector Sants exits meeting with occupiers and is met by the press (2011)

The Prophets And The Priests

The FSA & Church Barrier Bit shows the difficulties we had with some church personnel despite other church personnel doing what they could to help raise our credibility and extend our protest into spaces we would not have had access to. To this end they organised a meeting between members of the Financial Services Authority and the occupiers.

This duality within the church caused confusion and ultimately a sense of betrayal amongst the occupiers. Giles Fraser poetically presents this dilemma in the biblical terms of ‘the prophets and the priests’. I considered this perspective thoughtful. It added depth. Some others in my test audiences, however, thought it was gobbledegook!

You Can’t Say Anything of Substance to the Press.

Mark Weaver, one occupier featured in the film, presents his opinion about the media who swarmed to this meeting, with his own poetic license which included a catch phrase I particularly liked, although I am torn about whether I agree with it or not; “ can’t say anything of substance to the press’

Enjoy the video and please keep in mind that all titles and graphics had not been optimized before this piece was culled.

The Prophets And The Priests – outtake from You Can’t Evict An Idea from Polly Tikkle Productions on Vimeo.

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  1. Thanks for sharing.
    It really was an in incredible and in the end complex and taxing thing. So pleased you were there to document it x

  2. inka says:

    Thanks Luke 🙂

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