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207 Bits Of Heaven

Its been one month since the release of the You Can’t Evict An Idea trailer and the news that the film is complete. I am …

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Britain 2016 will be forever marked as the year of Brexit. The year the democratic process of a referendum gave agency to the invisible power …

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TTIP Movement and Procedural Injustice

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a free trade agreement being negotiated between the United States Department of Commerce and the European Commission. …

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BBC Bias

Stekelenburg (2011) echoes the sentiments of  Gamson and Wolfsfeld  (1993) when she writes that  “we should conceive of media as active actors covering, framing and interpreting …

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Our Democracy is Fracked Up

Although the UK has traditionally been viewed as a beacon of democracy, one could argue that it was such a beacon in a time gone …

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Power Cubes at Occupy

Last week, Occupy London (OL) celebrated the fifth anniversary of its inception on the grounds of St. Paul’s. In an attempt to detect and challenge …

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Shrinking Campaign Space By Law

Hilder (2007) reminds us that Charles Tilly (2004) says that “numbers – the scale of …support”  is an important aspect of campaigning. Large numbers influence …

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