This film is entirely funded by the grit and determination of yours truly to document the phenomena known as Occupy London.

Once the film is completed sweat and tenacity will be no match for the money that will be needed to distribute it. Film festival submissions cost, as does social media distribution. To encourage a professional distributor to take on the film, they need to see that it has generated interest on line and that often costs too.

This plea for donations is an invitation to become a part of this film’s journey to a wider audience. An audience who I would very much like to reach so that the next time a spark like Occupy occurs more people might dive in deep.

To make your payments fast and secure, we use GoCardless to accept money. All you need to do is decide whether you want your donation to be a one-time payment or a repeat donation and select the amount.  (Repeat Donations Buttons are not available at this time)




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